« Maude et Claire Gratton semblent reprendre le flambeau des familles musiciennes qui, comme les familles Hantaï ou Madeuf offrent à la musique ancienne depuis quelques années de remarquables instrumentistes.»

« I would be most impressed by Hantaï’s partner for the evening, harpsichordist Maude Gratton… Gratton proved herself a steadfast partner, with a crisp sense of articulation and a tendency to drive movements ahead in pace. One sensed that the fluidity of her technique made her chomp at the bit. (…) It has a suave, noiseless sound that made for very enjoyable listening when the program, played without intermission, was extended at this point with two pieces for harpsichord. (…) its virtuosic whirls of arpeggiation showed the ultimate facility of Gratton’s technique ».

Marqué comme , , . Commentaires fermés sur Ionarts, Charles T.Downey , 2006